A Brief History on Smartwatches One of the hallmarks of modern innovation is the drive to put big features into small packages, and wearable technology is at the forefront of that effort. The smartwatch is one of the more popular examples of these products, as it puts an entire suite of functionality on a user’s wrist for easy access. While it might seem as if smartwatches are new on the

3 Ways to Get Positive ROI on Facebook Most small businesses have a Facebook page yet they spend very little time on it. Not surprisingly, these businesses don’t see positive ROI. Here are three ROI-boosting strategies you need to implement in order to take your social media marketing efforts through Facebook advertising to the next level. 1. Target the Right People With the Right Message If you’re advertising to the

Healthcare Innovations That Will Change the Industry Innovation in healthcare is driving massive improvements that can maximize the quality of life for everyone. Continuing on using the same technologies and approaches no longer cut it. With high costs, provider shortages, an increase in the aging population and the prevalence of chronic illnesses, there has never been more of a need for change. Innovation brings about just the needed results, helping

How Rubis Approaches the Customer Experience Creating a priceless customer experience is what we’re all about at Rubis. But what exactly is “customer experience” and how do you define it? We define our customer experience as being completely authentic, uncommonly attentive, surprising, personalized, genuine, and deeply engaged. Want to know how we do it? Share the Wealth When a client turns to us for the first time, they don’t necessarily

Taking input from a new product and generating output in the form of both popularity and sales can be a tricky proposition for your innovative business. Much like a baseball team, you know there are obstacles to overcome as you go to bat and try to round the base paths to success. For your business, that means tackling such key marketing factors as engaging customers, generating loyalty from those customers

This is the most powerful, most fun concept of the marketing—it’s so indescribable, in fact, that we still don’t have a name for it. It became known around the office as the “Value Thingy”. -Trademark pending. What we’re talking about is becoming priceless. Creating an uncommon, unexpected experience for your customer. We’re talking about bringing value that can’t be paid for by infusing your product, service and customer engagement with

How to become priceless We talked about it in our last post, and hopefully, you’ve had time to think about your Experience Map and begin thinking of how your team can Become Priceless. As you think about your own plan, here are some of the ways we define becoming priceless. To Become Priceless is to possess that little something extra—both tangible and intangible. You are masterful at creating experiences that blow

Customer Service is one part proactive and one part reactive. Both are important. “No matter what product or service you provide, you have two options: compete on price or compete on experience. When you compete on price, you attract customers who are opportunistic and looking for the best deal. Margins are too thin today to compete on price. On the other hand, if you choose to compete on experience, you eliminate

As marketers, we should be looking for a way to improve 1-to-1 relationships to create relevant customer experiences that increase loyalty, revenue, and marketing ROI. The problem, customer journeys look like a kaleidoscope version of Dr. Strange falling through New York. The old linear customer journey is gone. 89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience. Source: Gartner 3 Results From Focusing on Customer Experience

An Innovation Platform is a systematic method for learning about customers needs, diagnosing challenges and finding ways to identify opportunities.