Product Innovation, Executive Education, and Innovation Platform Advisory

Exploration & Discovery Research

A structured engagement to design a strategy for identifying and validating the creation of a new product or service for your business. A Rubis Innovation Squad will serve as your dedicated team to deliver product concepts, design prototypes, create experiments, validate market characteristics, define qualitative and quantitative metrics, create a go-to-market roadmap, test monetization scenarios and much more.

Executive Innovation Education

Business leadership-level innovation focuses on learning how to develop and promote an innovative mindset throughout your business. Our workshops take place in Chicago and New York with a representation of 3-7 businesses. Rubis Innovation Instructors, along with a panel Experts come together to build and present a creative curriculum that introduces a wide range of practices that can help deliver innovative value in your business.

Innovation Platform Advisory

Our retained advisory relationships help eligible Executive teams stay abreast of the latest trends in innovation while gaining practical support as their organization grows. Rubis Innovation Advisory gives you an always-on connection to a panel of experts. This service is offered as a bi-quarterly retainer and includes an exclusive onboarding session to ensure you know how to maximize the value you get from the Advisory Panel.

Client Feedback

“Our path to market in the past has been spotty at best.

We now have a much more clear vision of what is required and how to avoid common pitfalls.”

– Health & Fitness, CEO

“Wow, I had no idea how effective this process could be in getting our product to market.”

– Consumer Package Goods, CEO

Areas of Expertise

Brand Strategy   |   Marketing Strategy   |   Competitive Positioning
Market Validation   |   Product Validation   |   Segmentation   |   Customer Journey

Innovation Strategy

Get in touch to leverage innovation as a strategy.

Our clients leverage our expertise to identify innovative opportunities, build great experiences and launch amazing products. Contact us today to see first-hand how we deliver value.