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Shawn Cheatham, CEO

Shawn Cheatham is an inventor of digital products and services that has guided countless clients to product/market fit.

As CEO and Founder of Rubis, he draws on his graduate work at Columbia University, as well as global corporate and startup experiences to help clients synchronize business and technology to create innovative brands, products, and services.

Shawn has delivered on strategic initiatives at Fortune 500 companies such as NewsCorp, Gap, and American Express. Additionally, he has led critical product roles at dynamic growth companies like iDeel, WayBetter and Elance. Having led over 15 successful product launches, his expertise in customer identification, go-to-market strategy and execution is highly sought after by a variety of companies.

As a 4x Ironman and Ultra Endurance Athlete, when not engaging with his clients, Shawn can be found training in Brooklyn, NY where he lives with his wife and two dogs.

Eric O'Connor, CMO

Eric O’Connor is a master of marketing insights that serve as an instrumental guide to achieving accelerating strategic revenue initiatives for his clients.

As CMO of Rubis, he draws on his successful entrepreneurial experiences to help clients identify and execute winning marketing strategies and campaigns for online and offline businesses, products and services.

Eric is a sought after speaker focusing on SMB insights, customer experience and productivity. He helps his clients execute their growth initiatives whether starting with marketing strategy in the early stages or growth hacking initiatives to broaden market penetration.

Often asked, “Do you ever sleep?” Eric serves on the board of the National Blood Clot Alliance, runs ultramarathons and creates fundraising events like, 24 hours on a treadmill. Eric and his wife can be found coaching one of their three boys in soccer or baseball every day of the week.

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